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Honey Pie Photography was started in 2017 by Jessica Gurney as she moved her passion for photography into a profession. Jess loves spending time behind the lens, but not behind the computer. Our goal was to minimize the administration work that Jess had to do by utilizing a unique suite of software.

Full disclosure, Jess is my wife (did the name give it away?). This has helped me to understand her use case from a unique perspective.

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  • 2017
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  • Website & Studio Software

Project Challenges

The largest project challenges included finding a website that could support a blog if needed. This site also needed to be very customizable and optimized for high quality images.

Jess also required a way to invioce clients and organize her photo shoots. This didn't necessarily have to integratate with her website, but it would be helpful if it did.

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Project Solutions.

For the website, we opted to use ProPhoto, a plugin for WordPress. ProPhoto is a website builder made specifically for photographers. It enabled high quality images and fast loading speeds.

For a studio management software, we chose Studio Ninja. Studio Ninja is a simple and straightforward approach to invoices, project management, and a CRM.

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